Karla Murthy has been working on news documentaries for over 15 years.  She was a staff producer and shooter for the PBS newsmagazines NOW and Need to Know, and also freelanced for Moyers and Company. She’s currently a special correspondent and producer for Newshour Weekend on PBS.

She was nominated for an Emmy for the “Battle Fields” about tomato pickers in Florida which aired on NOW.  Her segment “The Long View” for Need to Know won a Headliner Award and was cited by the Columbia Journalism Review as “one of the most compelling and informative long term care pieces…a compassionate portrayal.” 

Karla grew up in Texas, studying classical piano and went on to graduate from Oberlin College with a degree in Religion and Computer Science. She is married to Jad Abumrad, host of public radio's RadioLab, and lives with their two kids in Brooklyn, NY.

Contact: karla.s.murthy@gmail.com