Oliver Sacks: A Journey From Where to Where

For RADIOLAB,  a national public radio podcast from WYNC studios. 

Produced by Karla Murthy

There’s nothing quite like the sound of someone thinking out loud, struggling to find words and ideas to match what’s in their head. Today, we are allowed to dip into the unfiltered thoughts of Oliver Sacks, one of our heroes, in the last months of his life. 

Oliver died in 2015, but before he passed he and his partner Bill Hayes, in an effort to preserve some of Oliver’s thoughts on his work and his life, bought a little tape recorder. Over a year and half after Oliver’s death, Bill dug up the recorder and turned it on. Through snippets of conversation with Bill, and in moments Oliver recorded whispering to himself as he wrote, we get a peek inside the head, and the life, of one of the greatest science essayists of all time.



A podcast about trying to be good at your job and a good parent.

Created and produced by Karla Murthy

When I became a parent, I had been working in my field for 10 years.  Having kids had a huge effect on my work life, and I wanted to know how other parents dealt with the changes, specifically if work meant something different to them now, and if their work changed who they were as parents.  Instead of discussing the latest conflicting childhood studies, the parenting do's and don'ts, I just wanted to talk, have a conversation about what it's really like as a working parent, the joys and the hardships, and to find some guiding inspiration to keep getting out the door every day.

Also available on Itunes.



An audio documentary about one of the most fearless and provocative Russian musicians of her time.

Produced by Karla Murthy

Karla Murthy is closing a circle. After a career in television, she finds herself wandering back to her first passion--music--and exploring it through radio. Her piece, "Maria, Lena and Me," is a tribute to one remarkable pianist, but more than that, it's an homage to inspiration. If you never dreamed of becoming a concert pianist, you'll find yourself entering that dream as you listen; the story and the music are enchanting.  -- Jay Allison, Founder and Executive Producer, Transom.org

Aired on KFAI, WCAI, WNAN.  Available for broadcast tbrough Public Radio Exchange.